2012 Quicksilver Pro Australia Goldcoast has begun!

The worlds best surfers are competing again for another world title. This year the season will begin in Australia with the Quicksilver Pro Australia Goldcoast 2012. Check out all the action here.


The Quarter Finalists are:

Adriano de Souza vs Owen Wright

Kelly Slater vs Josh Kerr

Jordy Smith vs Joel Parkison

Taj Burrow vs Adrian Buchan


Hang Loose Pro 2012 - Live

 One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil is about to host the 2012 edition of the Hang Loose Pro Contest. Ninety six surfers from all over the globe will compete for the first very important surf trophy of the season, where 6500 competition points and a prize money of 250 k dollars are in dispute. Cacimba do Padre beach, on the island of Fernando de Noronha is well known for its incredible tubes and challeging waves.

Interested in following all the live action? Watch it here.

The competition is over. Thanks for watching the broadcast. Meanwhile there are more good news for Kelly Slater. The north american surfer won his fourth award for best Action Sportsman.


Surfing Lesson number 2.1 - First of all, get fit... (Part II) - The Warm Up

In my last post I focused on how to get really ripped and fit for a surfing session. Many of you were really curious about the author of those videos. They were prepared by the fasterswimming team, a group of coaches that specializes in swimming and sport endurance. The following workouts should be done the following way.

First of all you should have some cardio. Run some miles but not at a too high level. It should be just enough to get you a bit sweaty. After that you should choose between one of these three warm up sessions, Ideally, you should choose a different warm up for every training day. Alternate.

Here is warm up session 1 (I have already posted it on my last post). This first warm up focuses on Mobility:
This second warm up video is a Body Weight Combo.
And finally, the third warm up, using a weight.
In my next post we will continue analyzing this workout for surfers.
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