Introduction to the next posts-Learn how to surf

The time I started this blog my idea was to review some of the best surf movies ever made. In the beginning I could not imagine how big and interesting the online surfing community could be. Not only that but also non-surfers were very interested in many things regarding the community and other stuff associated with it.

I soon came to the conclusion that I was writing to a wider audience: the surfers, who were interested in learning more about the best surf movies and the rest of the audience, who seemed to love surf culture and were very curious about it.

Nowadays I am writing for both of them. While I still try to review movies, my goal towards the next posts will be on actually teach people how to surf. Many readers have asked me that and I am more than willing to teach the beautiful art of riding waves.

So for those of you who are prepared to learn on how to surf, I can only guarantee you that with dedication an hard work it will be much easier than it seems. To all the others, you know what to expect : great surf movies will ever exist as long as great surfers ride the waves of the oceans Cheers.
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