Supertubos Revisited

After having some of the best waves ever seen on competition this year and having been  proud hosts to world class surfers such as John Florence, hearing him say that he loves our country, worships Supertubos and compares it with the most photographed wave in the world, Backdoor / Pipeline, is just wonderful.  Just check the video and  hear the boy talk...

Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2011 - Adriano de Souza aka Mineirinho wins in Peniche

You won´t forget Supertubos that soon will you Adriano? (image copyright by ASP)

The Brazilian, sixth in the world ranking, won the Rip Curl Pro, by winning the legend of surfing Kelly Slater.

With thousands of people in Supertubos beach, Adriano de Souza, who had already won this year in Rio de Janeiro, scored 15.67 points. Slater, 10 times world champion and winner of last year in Supertubos, only made 14.73 points.

Adriano did not hide the emotion about his return to winning a stage, the third in the world circuit. In his winning speech, Adriano said he would take Portugal forever in the heart.

Slater took small compensation as the prize for best tube of the Rip Curl Pro surfing was awarded to him. The current world champion stressed that the Supertubos waves "were perfect."
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