Cosmic Children (1970)

         Never was the expression "go with the flow" so well applied as when we speak about the coolness of the surfing shown by the space age surfers of the 1960´s. It is a surf style that translates itself in a uncomitted, light and sensual approach to the waves. It looks the guys couldn´t care less and yet all the surf stars of the time are reunited in what makes this film one of the best compilation of american surfers of all time: Miki Dora, David Nuuhiwa, J. Riddle, Johnny Fain, Jeff Hackman Barry Kanaiaupuni, Mike Doyle, Corky Carrol, Owl, Rolf Arness, Billy Hamilton.

         Of course, the whole movie is affected by the symbolism of the hippie era. What remains after 60 minutes of vintage footage is not only remarkable surf but also the witnessing of the subculture that marked a whole generation. However don´t expect to find here a best of as the film also includes some inunteresting scenes of regular and sometimes even boring moments, but that, I think, was the sole goal of Hal Jepsen (who passed away in 2006): to show exactly how everything happened in a changing Time not only for America as a whole but also for surf.

This next video clip extracted from the movie shows what Topanga Beach was all about in the late sixties.

TLDR : Woodstock for surfers.
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