Momentum (2001)

So you think a list of the best surf movies of all time would be complete without its best surfer ? Kelly Slater got the chance to have his best skills recorded in what would become one of the classic flicks about surf ever made. Momentum was filmed by a rookie filmaker called Taylor Steele (later recognized as one of the best filmakers of the genre) in the beaches of Hawaii and California.

But don´t expect to be Kelly the only attraction in the movie: more great surfers include Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bruce and Andy Irons, Paul Roach Dann Malloy, CJ Hobgood and many others.
It´s funny to see some of the great surfers so young: most of them were barely in  their twenties and others still teenagers. So important was the impact of the movie that critics were fast to call this young folks the momentum generation.

This is not a lifestyle / culture movie. What you find is raw, pure, explosive surf. Wonderfully filmed and also focused in great details. Don´t miss this piece of art.
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