Not a myth: kickflip in surf

Surf purists would say that skateboarding only appeared because surfers were so addicted to the ocean thrills that they needed to emulate surfing when the weather was bad or there were no waves to surf on. Truth is that in the beginning surfers were skaters and skaters were surfers. Nowadays, both extreme sports made separate ways. Skateboarding is more connected with an urban lifestyle and surfing, on the other hand, is rather linked to nature and to a more relaxed attitude towards life. Meanwhile, some kind of rivalry grew upon the two factions. However, the next video proves the contrary and that both sports can continue to influence each other in many aspects. Just watch a surfer performing the famous skateboarding kickflip trick in a surfboard. Like surfboarding and skating, talent and imagination have no boundaries.

TLDR: Like a youtube user commented: "the first skate style was surfing, so the last surf style should be skating".

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