Endless Summer II (1994)


 Few are the sequels that are up to the quality of the original movie and Endless Summer II belongs to that restricted club. It  managed to keep the level of excelence of Bruce Brown´s masterpiece made 28 years before. Like the first flick it is a road movie. But instead of just discovering new waves, surfers Pat O´Connel and Robert Weaver retrace the steps of the first duo Mike Hynson and Robert August. What follows is a journey where the two american surfers observe what has changed on the places that the first film portrayed which such an innocent beauty.

       Endless Summer II has everything that made Bruce Brown the Spielberg of surf movies. The footage and specially the photography are near to cinematographic perfection. The surfing itself is masterfully filmed (the     underwater camera work is almost symphonic in its composition!) but as any surf film connoisseur knows what takes every surf movie to another level are the quality of the segments in between of the surfing clips, and solely for that Endless Summer is a masterpiece. The narration is humorous and the treatment of the ocean, landscape, cultures and people encountered will stay etched in the memory of every surfer for a long time.

Verdict: 9/10
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