Big wednesday 1978

Now let´s focus on this gem of the seventies. Big wednesday is a work of fiction ( not a documentary like the films we have seen here before) and the plot follows the story of three friends that learn to surf in the same town since they were kids. However, the relationship between the three dudes will have its problems and it is the dramatic credibility of the argument shows that gives the movie its ultimate triumph. Like someone stated on IMDB: "It´s the best movie about surf ever made"!

Green Iguana 1992

Hey man, check out this flick, it rocks. The Green Iguana was filmed in the 90´s and it became something as a instant classic of its genre. It combined not only the best surfers of the decade but also the music of some of the most memorable bands of the time. Just go check it this excerpt.

Featuring Occy, Peter King, Sunny Garcia, Munga Barry and Luke Egan. They will take you on a spin around the islands of The Green Iguana's back. By far one of the most creative surf movies ever made. Music by Damien Lovelock, Ed Kuepper, Dubrovniks, Sublime, The Cruel Sea, Hunters and Collectors, Steve Jones, Vanilla Chainsaws, Yothu Yindi and The Celibate Rifles.

Endless summer

This is a true classic and a top reference concerning great surf movies. The legendary surf trip around the world that is documentated in this flick took place in the sixties. Director Bruce Brown followed Mike Hynson and Robert August in a epic travel around the 5 continents. The search for the best wave took these adventurers to the coast of Africa, Thaiti, New Zealand, Australia and other places around the world.About the title, one of the authors stated that if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer around the world,making it endless.

See this movie as fast as you can because it set up the standard for all surf movies to come. 

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