Learn to Surf - lesson 1 - Introduction

Learn to surf - lesson number 1 - Introduction

Hello mate! I´m truly pleased that you are interested in learning on
how to surf. I´m sure you will find this course very useful and above
all, entertaining! Enough of small talk, let´s begin then.

 First of all, it helps if you learn to surf on the beach, but its not
that important. Maybe you dont have the time for it or the next beach
lies too far away from your home. Its ok. These first lessons areentirely based on the learning of a proper technique. We are going to
begin with a few basic exercises. Hopefully, in a few months, you are
able to ride your first waves!

It is true that learning to surf on a beach would make your
progression 10x faster. This course is aimed at those people who
always wanted to learn the theory behind surfing. Like any other
sport, the best of the best are the ones who are able to combine a
great physical training with a true knowledge of the most advanced

Before we start, allow me to remember you that:

First, hard work is the essence of any apprenticeship, and learning to
surf is no exception. It is, above all, strength of will that will
make you reach the goals of this course.

Secondly, be aware of any medical conditions you might have. You
should do a medical exam before enrolling in any physical
activity.Surfing is not easy and it involves a wide range of muscle
activity. Great surfers are also very good swimmers . your swimming technique is something you should improve as well.

Finally, what course materials are we going to need?

It would be great if you had a surfboard already: this would make the
training much easier. If you dont have one dont panic! All exercises
can still be done . I´ll tell you later how we will do it. See you in
lesson number 2.
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