Surfer performs amazing backflip

  Surfer Gabriel Medina made the top headlines in the surf community this week when some amazing footage of him performing one of the most difficult surfing moves hit the interwebs. Gabriel is one of the world´s best surfers and a top contender for the ASP world title. The 19 year old occupies the second position in the ranking. Tricks like these have been turning him from a promising talent into a full grown surfer, capable of the very best.


Surfing in Munich

German surfers don´t have it easy. In a country that is almost completely landlocked for the most part of its territory, wave riders tend to get creative.

In Munich, the capital city of the southern state of Bavaria, the Isar river seems to be a reliable alternative to the ocean. River surfing has become so popular in the city that serious competitions have already taken place.

 In case you ever want to ride these waves, be aware that the best spot is under the Reichenbach Bridge.

With good beer, breathtaking landscapes and a decent amount of waves to surf, Bavarians seem to have it all don´t they?



Local surf brand helps victims of Hurricane Sandy

The local surf brand Jetty is selling t-shirts in an effort to aid those suffering from Hurricane Sandy. According to the brand "all profits from the sales of the Jetty T-shirt will go to victims of the storm who are in direct need of assistance as well as the emergency response units who risked their lives to save others". If any of you wants to buy this t-shirt go here. The profit of the selling will be mainly directed to the people of New Jersey, one of the areas that were most affected by the hurricane.

More on Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy keeps providing footage for this website. The next video was made by the Cavin Brothers and stars some of the best East Coast surfers like Evan Geiselman, Jesse Heilman, Cory Lopez, Asher Nolan and many others.

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