Surfing lesson number 2 - First of all, get fit...

How fit are you really? Before even considering to buy a surfboard or taking professional surfing lessons you should see how good is your overall fitness. In order to surf you should have some good athletic features and realize that only a healthy surfer is able to put up a great performance on the best waves avaiable. Forget the stoned lazy ass surfer stereotype. If you wanna surf you better get fit and quickly!

I found a very good bundle of athletic fat loss and body recomposition videos. They use a variety of methods and exercises that will improve your overall surfing ability. Check them here. They were designed by a swimming coach but they apply very well to surfing. I leave an example for you.


ASP Schedule for 2012 has been released

The schedule for the 2012 ASP competition has just been released. According to the document, Australia will be the first nation to host an event with the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast to take place between the 25th of February and the 7th of March.

The first event on the northern hemisphere will take place in Trestles, California, 8 months after the first title event! But there is no need to grow desperate, since many prime and star events are scheduled for those 8 months.

For more information check the schedule yourself.
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