Montaj (2002)

After the enormous success that the release of the movie Momentum surprisingly was, the surfers involved in it would get a steady place in the surf spotlight. Like Taj Burrow. The most respected oz between the world´s waves made in Montaj an appearance that was up to the hype.The hyperdrive sequences of technical airs and tuberiding is so futuristic that it feels almost post-apocalyptic.Montaj is all about innovation in every way: the amazing rides, the superb angles used in the film, the in-between sequences of pure adrenaline are still to this date very unique.

In Montaj you finally realize what makes Taj´s surfing so special.Already in 2002 he was one of the fastest surfers around: his smooth surfing and flare are really hard to overlook. Maybe he won´t win the world championship and make the frontpage on every surfmag, or be involved in those costly surf ads, but Taj will contine to repesent the archetype of the prodigy turned pro in spite of all the problems that fame sometimes carries.He is the wild mustang of the world´s waves and some things we only hope to remain the same for the sake of the surfing community.

By the way, in youtube you can find some fine sequences of the movie. Check it out.

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