Garrett McNamara breaks his own record, once again

100 feet. Yeah that´s right, you read that. Big wave rider Garrett McNamara broke his own record one more time by surfing a gigantic wave with an astonishing height of 100 feet. In contrast to other well known big wave riders, the Hawaiian chose Nazaré, a surfing location in Portugal to look for big waves and in the end it paid back. His last world record was from November 2011, when the 45 year old surfed a wave with 78 feet. Is there a limit in sight for this amazing rider?


Joel Parkinson, surf instructor

This blog has always had a pedagogic nature. Teaching kids (and older dudes) the noble art of surfing is one of the most important aspects in keeping this culture alive. Since I have never posted nothing about the new ASP champion, Joel Parkinson, I find it relevant to leave here one video about Joel performing as a teacher. Its nice to see such a great surfer showing some kids what true surfing is all about.
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