Surfing in Michigan

  What pops up in your mind when someone talks about the Lake Superior? The freezing weather, the breathtaking landscapes, the unique fauna will certainly be one of the firsts images that most people associate with the largest freshwater like on Earth.

  But what if I tell you that its waters are commonly used by surfers ? Even in this remote scenery, so far away from those places that we use to associate with surfing and with such bad weather conditions, surf exists. More than a sport, this is a way of life that truly knows no boundaries. I present you surfer Ryan Patin.


Hurricane Sandy surfing

Not only bad things happen due to a big hurricane. Ask the surfers in this video. It seems that the swell provided by Sandy made Delray Beach on of the best spots to surf in the country these days.


Refundable surfing!

What if I told you that a country in Europe is offering the back trip to all surfers who do not find any good waves? That is exactly what the portuguese government decided to do.

 Between October and December this year, 28 surf spots across the country are included in this tourism campaign aimed to attract surfers all around the world. Famous spots include the Coxos Beach (considered to be one of the best surf beaches in Europe) or Supertubos (which recently hosted the ASP world championship).

The reason for this advertising campaign seem to be clear: the portuguese are so confident of the quality of the country´s waves that they will actually pay if there are no "surfable" waves to be found. What do you think?


The best of Alana Blanchard

Yeah, you have probably already heard of her. She is called by many as one of the best female surfers competing these days and with all certainty one of the sexiest. She was voted by site bleacherreport as the hottest athlete of 2011. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Alana Blanchard.


Amazing surfing footage (incredible angle)

       What keeps surfing movies enjoyable is not only the ability of talented surfers but also the continuous development of filmmaking techniques. Check out the amazing work this little camera can provide for all of us viewers. I know, this video is an ad and that sucks, but can you imagine competitions using this kind of footage? That would surely spice up some of those boring early rounds in the championship. Starts at 1m50s.


Kelly Slater will probably not revalidate his title

After the long wait, competition resumed in Portugal. The third round of the eighth stage took place today in the crowded beach of Supertubos.

 The surprise of the day was the early elimination of Kelly Slater. The american was unable to reach the next phase, obtaining a final score of 5.27. As for his opponent, Brazilian Raoni Monteiro, the round could not have been better, achieving a final score of 9.20.

 Slater has therefore lost almost all the chances he had on achieving yet another world title. It should be remembered that last year, the campion in title lost the final in Peniche for Brazilian golden boy Adriano de Souza.

 With these surprising news the most strong contenders for the title will be John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Kolohe Andino, Australians Josh Kerr, Adrian Buchan, Joel Parkinson and Owen Right and Brazilian Raoni Monteiro. Things are getting quite interesting. It is one of the most disputed title races in recent years and the only true winners as for now are the hardcore surfing lovers all around the world.


The great vimeo selection week

It is no secret for every surfing movie lover that vimeo (one of the most interesting video sharing websites around) has established itself as a giant community of people who not only have a true passion for the art of filmmaking but have also taken the craft to a whole other level.

 As a new way of distribution, vimeo has made it possible for thousands of filmmakers to show their art around the web, and some of it I must say is simply fantastic.

This week I chose to make a selection of some of the best indie surfing videos you can find on vimeo. 

The first video of these series is called El Largo Dia. It was filmed and edited by Matt Kleiner, with surfers Josh Kerr and Jimmy Reyes as the main surfing attractions.


Kelly Slater reaches the third round in Portugal

The best surfer of all time showed once again why he is undoubtedly the king of the waves. The american sportsman reached the third round of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2012 (follow the action live here). He won heat number 5 with 13,67 points, beating that way Damien Hobgood and Dillon Perillo.

Who also reached the third round was John John Florence, world´s number 4, by leaving out of competition fellow american Pat Gaudaskas and aussie Kai Otton.

In the first days of competition, and because the sea was not providing the best of conditions, surfers made a freesurf session in Supertubos, one of the best spots in the portuguese coast. Check it out.
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