Hal Jepsen´s Super Session (1970)

Ever heard about Super Session, the iconic movie of the 70´s? It inspired the whole dogtown generation as it is  for many the best surfing ever filmed in that decade. It was filmed in  hawaai, California and Australia and it focuses on a very experimental era of surfing as you will watch not only traditional surfing but also bodysurfing, knee boards, snow skiing and much more. The main star of the flick is Larry Bertlemann with a sensual style that many tried to imitate, while the truth is that only a few were this imaginative, cool and talented in the whole history of surf. While you may know director Hal Jepsen from another masterpiece called Cosmic Children that focused on the so called space age surfers, this is one of the most accomplished surf films of an era where surf was reaching maturity. Like the guys at Surfer Magazine once wrote, "Hal Jepsen doesn´t make surf movies he is surf movies". 

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