Great Directors - Bruce Brown (Part II)

Robert August, Mike Hynson and Bruce Brown: they were about to make the greatest surf film ever
 Picture taken from(http://www.brucebrownfilms.com/endless.htm)
 Bruce soon began one of the best periods of his career: he travelled the world, sleeping on the beaches and filming every talented surfer he could. The result of those first experiences was Slippery when wet, the 1958 flick that is a relaxed, layed back documentary about the beach boys culture of the time.

As Bruce began to get more experienced about making films, the quality of his work improved greatly over the years. You can see that evolution in the next set of movies he made: Surf Crazy, Barefoot Adventure, Surfing Hollow Days and Waterlogged show the maturation process he was doing. 

In 1963 surf culture had already exploded all over the nation. However if it is true that more and more surf movies were being made to feed a growing audience eager to watch films with their surf idols, it is also true that que quality of those flicks was mainly of low quality. Something had to change and Bruce had the exact idea on how to make surf movies more attractive to mainstream audiences.

He convinced two friends, Robert August and Mike Hynson to participate in a journey with a simple purpose: to take advantage of the fact that while it is winter in Northern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Southern and vice versa, a fact that would enable both surfers to live an endless summer - the dream of every surfer.

End of part II
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