Sustainability in boardsports

     Not every surf movie is about great surfing manoeuvres or monster waves, there is a type of movie - let´s call them meta surfing movies - that care about every other aspect that concerns the sport, be it the training, the daily life of the surfers, or, in the case of today´s movie, the sustainability of it. 

    The "3 weeks, 3 boards, 3 friends" project (abbreviated to 3fwb), made three surfers come together in order to "document the lifestyle, the adventure and the passion of travelling" in three different sports: snowboarding, skating and surfing. Matze Reif, Benno Postert and Maximilian Meisberger took a three week trip, documenting their experiences on concrete, snow and water and presenting their discoveries and experiences on a weekly web episode.  

    The fifth web episode of the first season, called "Sustainability in Boardsports" is particularly interesting to the world of surfing. It consists on an interview with Tony Butt, author of the book "Guide to sustainable surfing" and discusses the ecological footprint surfers leave and suggestions for more sustainability in the world of boardsports. An interesting view.
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