Surfing in Alaska (yeah some crazy surfers do it)

What can keep a dedicated surfer away from surfing? I have asked this question myself many times and have come to the conclusion that nothing can stop a surfer from riding his favourite wave. Want a good example? Check the next video.

 In the freezing cold place of Girdwood, Alaska, some mad surfers ride what must be the coldest waves on the planet. According to Wired magazine this waves are "a surfing phenomena that is caused by what’s known as a tidal bore, which happens when the incoming tide creates a wave that travels back against the current of a river or similar setting. When people refer to a “tidal wave,” this is truly what they mean, which is why it can be the cause ofcatastrophic floods and often misidentified as a tsunami".

 It is rather strange how they keep floating on theirs boards considering the size of the balls of steel they must drag everywhere.

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