British surfer teaches how to fight off 6ft shark

A curious article hit the Daily Mail. According to the english tabloid, Richard Wands, a 33 year old surfer from Perth (Scotland) survived a shark attack by hitting the animal with his board. The occurrence took place at Trigg Beach, Australia. After the sudden attack Wands was able to alert other surfers in the area and contact local authorities as a prevention.

Now wanna learn how he did it? Take out your note block folks and learn with the man:

 'I saw it turn and it came straight for me, in a dead straight line, undeviating, and it genuinely felt like a true final approach, as it were. 

It definitely felt super-threatening and it wasn't changing its course 'I speared the board into the water to try and deter it. That seemed to work but it came back again so I used the board again and it moved away." 
 'I was totally scared and definitely thought I would be coming out of the water with one appendage fewer.' 'I genuinely think this thing was looking for a limb, if not more than that. If it had struck blood my gut feeling is that might have encouraged the other sharks to get involved as well, and then there might be a different story today.

 'Luckily enough a wave happened to pitch up at the most convenient moment ever and I just belly-flopped onto it and just ran it in on my front. This was definitely a threat, I was utterly convinced.'

He should have stayed home that day

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  1. Such commendable bravery and ingenuity. Thanks for sharing, others will learn how to deal with sharks when confronted.


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