Rip Curl Pro Search 2011 - Slater is one step away from winning another world title

Kelly Slater confirmed all expectations and is now one single tournament win away of reaching the 11th world title of his career. He simply dominated the 4-6 feet waves of Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California.
A great mass of public attended the premiere of San Francisco in the ASP World Tour calendar, mainly to see the best surfer of all times. Kelly did not disappoint his fans and made the highest score of the day - 16.03 points.
"I just want to stay relaxed about it, because it is a situation where you may be tense, just wanting to get over with," said Slater.
"The reality is that others now have to win both events with my victory, so the pressure is on them. I just need to get good waves in this event to win the title. " added the world champion.
Slater noted that this Wednesday, November 2, marks the one year anniversary of the death of Andy Irons."Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the passing of Andy. It will be a sad day for all the memories. If I win the world title on the same day, it will certainly be in memory of Andy. "


  1. mmmnh it would be quite enigmatic if he did win on such a date, kind of homage and getting a blessing from masters of the past =)

  2. I'm really not into surf, but hell I would try it if i would have the opportunity.

  3. one of the greatest ever lived !!!


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