Congrats Kelly ! - he is now both the oldest and youngest surfer to be world champion

It´s official now, Kelly Slater, 39, defeated brazillian surfers Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo to become world champion once again. Reaching the quarter finals proved to be enough for the veteran surfer to win the eleventh title of his long and glorious surfing career.

Some days ago, ASP committed an error by falsely declaring Kelly already world champion. However, it was just a question of time and yesterday the best surfer of all time was finally declared champion.

More to come in the next posts.


  1. Pictures? :) we want to see this "youngest and oldest" champion :)

  2. That's amazing! Especially because of the fact that he didn't suffer 'that much' from injuries on the course of his career. I've just seen today a guy surfing on a 27-meter high wave. Amazing.

  3. Its pretty cool, ive liked boogy bording better though

  4. Man i love these surfing bogs! keep it up!


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