Great Surf Movies - Dogtown and Z boys

In the beginning, kids would ride a skateboard emulating the actions on a surfboard
One of the most influential documentaries of the last decade tells us the story of the wild pack that changed the world of surfing forever. You might ask what kind of importance did the z-boys and the zephyr team had on the history of surfing if all  they did was skateboarding. That is a good point, but the real importance of the dogtown bunch goes much further than skateboarding itself. What they did in reality was bring the surf art to the masses. If you think about it, skateboarding is surfing on asphalt. By democratizing something like surf (where you need expensive material and have to do it in a proper place) through the use of the skateboard, what the Zephyr team did was bring to all suburban kids the unique attitude and mindframe of the surf world. Watch this documentary and witness a bit of History.

Rating: 8/10

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