Pump! (1990)

                  Richie Collins is the star of the famous opening scene.

 The first scene of this great movie gives you the idea: surfers riding incredible tubes while a version of the Joy Division song "transmission" is being played by The Slaves. Ok, this is a long promo video made by a surf brand (Billabong), in which some of the best surfers of the team traveled around the world just for the sake of surf, but it is also the best opportunity  the see Mark Occhilupo (also known as Occy to the surfing community) in his prime. For one of the best surfers of his generation, who turned professional at the age of 17 and battled a depression afterwards, this was the best surf Occy had to offer for a long time. After burning out for competition and becoming overweight, Occy began to make yoga and started being a vegetarian. He changed his training methods and began after many years of bad habits competing again. His comeback is still one of surf´s most wonderful chapters: he would become world champion in 1999 at the age of 33.So, if you can don't miss this flick because you will miss a significant part of surf history. By the way the segment in which Occy surfs the Reunion Islands is maybe one of the best scenes ever filmed. Just for those shiny moments this film can give us I give it without hesitation an almost perfect score 9/10. Just please don´t miss it!


  1. Those were some sick waves man.

  2. hoaks2 can say that again, sick doesn't even begin to describe.


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