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Visit to Praia do Norte

Praia do Norte has already established a name for itself among the surfing world. The Portuguese beach made headlines around the world when american surfer Garrett McNamara surfed the biggest wave ever: a wall of water with 90 feet.

Nowadays, Praia Norte has become something of a surfing Mecca in Europe, with hundreds of people visiting the place every weekend. This week we made the trip ourselves and give you the account with a detailed photo gallery.

The  lighthouse featured in the now famous Garrett Mcnamara´s surfing picture
The mentioned photo
The same photo on the frontpage of the London Times
Close to the lighthouse, a van displays images of the big rides
The best part was seeing the enthusiasm of local families
Praia do Norte beach - a hill separates the main city of Nazaré and the famous beach.
The lighthouse seen above resides on the top of that hill.
The powerful Atlantic Ocean. This is the view you have from the lighthouse.
Farol, portuguese for lighthouse
Close to the lighthouse, you can get very close to the sea.
The waves were not as huge as when Garrett broke the world record,
nonetheless the power of the water was something of great beauty to observe.
Another view of Praia do Norte, close to the lighthouse.
A sunny day over Nazaré. It is a tourist-friendly fishermen´s city



More on Nazaré´s waves: Praia do Norte

People have been asking about the waves Garrett McNamara has recently given worldwide recognition. Nazaré is a small town about 1.5 hours north of Lisbon, Portugal´s capital city. Actually, it is not far away from the country´s other two surf meccas: Ericeira and Peniche (where the ASP tour takes place). Those three world class waves are not more than 200 km apart from each other.
 For locals Nazaré has had a cult like following for years but it was with the arrival of Garrett that the mainstream surf community got amazed by the massive quality of its waves. The almost extraterrestrial size has an explanation: a 16.000 feet deep and 140 miles long undersea canyon is the responsable for these high breaking waves. Finally I leave you a video that took place on Nazaré´s top of the crown beach: Praia do Norte. It shows a bunch of world class surfers just enjoying an out of competition surf session.

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